A Time For Music 29 - The HASC Concert

Benefiting: Camp HASC
Jan 10
Hosted by:Camp HASC
January 10, 2016 at 8:30pm to
January 10, 2016 at 11:30pm
Lincoln Center - David Gefen Hall, Formerly Avery Fisher Hall map 10 Lincoln Center Plaza New York, NY 10023

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Press Release, originally posted on YWN

The Camp HASC Concert, otherwise known as A Time For Music, has long been considered the ultimate concert experience in the Jewish music world. Always innovative, it sets the standard of excellence for the industry.

This year, Eli Gerstner will be producing the concert and he’s promising lots of surprises. Says Eli, “We’ll be going all out to provide an experience that’s never been seen or heard before.” Headlining the concert will be Yaakov Shwekey, a riveting performer and one of the Jewish music industry’s most popular entertainers. Shwekey has signed on to perform exclusively for the Camp HASC Concert in the United States this year.

Gerstner also announces that this year’s Camp HASC concert will be going on a concert tour across the country. “In order to broaden the concert experience, and increase its impact, we will be taking the concert ‘on the road’ to cities all across America.” Gerstner admits that the logistics of traveling with a huge world-class orchestra and many performers will be daunting, but he is determined. “So many people come to New York year after year just to see the Camp HASC Concert,” he explains. “This year we will be bringing the concert, with all its grandeur and glory, to them!” It’s all part of an effort to bring the story of the miracle of Camp HASC to Jewish communities around the country. “There are many campers and staff alumni who are now living in different cities across America.”

Located in Parksville, NY, Camp HASC is a unique summer camp serving the needs of over 400 children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. It is also home to over 500 of the best staff in the world. At camp, the campers enjoy a fun-filled and unforgettable summer experience while all their therapeutic, academic, and medical needs are met. The camp was founded in 1963 by Rabbi and Mrs. Max and Blanche Kahn, and their son Shmiel Kahn still serves as Camp Director. Camp HASC has often been referred to as “the happiest place on Earth!”

Chairman of the Board of Camp HASC, Jeremy B. Strauss served in various capacities as a staff member starting in 1988. Strauss, who is CEO of The Grand Healthcare System, says there’s no other camp like it. “It’s the only camp,” he says, “that is able to care for and improve the lives of the most high functioning to the lowest functioning special-needs campers. Our infirmary is like a mini-hospital. Our staff is highly trained and the greatest in the world. As for the parents, this is the only time they can get a break and focus on caring for themselves or their other children.”

All of the staff members at Camp HASC are kind and compassionate young people coming from a variety of backgrounds. “At camp,” says Jeremy, “they become caregivers and learn to tend to the daily needs of special children hands-on. It’s a life changing experience. These staff then go on to be leaders in all fields of the Jewish World”.

Yaakov Shwekey is no stranger to Camp HASC, as he performs for the children every summer. “What strikes me,” he says, “is the overall joy I see on these kids as soon as I step into camp. Their faces light up. Despite their challenges, they really connect to the music. There’s a recognition and a total euphoria. It’s definitely the highlight of the summer for me.”

Shwekey says he looks forward to working with Eli Gerstner on the upcoming concert & tour. “We’ll be bringing a unique new sound & new look to the Camp HASC stage,” he says. “And taking it on tour will be a whole new experience. Eli and I have a great relationship and so far it’s been a total joy.”

As for Eli, while he realizes that producing this concert tour will be quite a challenge, it’s a challenge he is eager to face. “It’s an honor and a privilege,” he says, “to carry on the Camp HASC Concert tradition. It has always been and will b’ezras Hashem continue to be the ultimate concert experience.”

And while these concerts are still months away, a heightened sense of anticipation is already being felt in the Jewish music world. When outstanding talents like these unite, there’s no doubt that this will be the most extraordinary concert experience ever!

For more information about Camp HASC and the upcoming Concert and Tour, please call 888.844.TOUR or visit www.HascConcert.com

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